Got Beef? ® Official Store of GotBeef?® Trademarked Products January 02, 2015 00:00

Got Beef ? ® Official Store of GotBeef?® Products has arrived, where our most popular items will be showcased in one place. Wayne Schafer from  Big Fat Daddy's has sold got beef? merchandise on the road for over twenty years having Cindy in tow as artist/designer.  The first got beef? designs originated back to the Pit Beef Restaurant featuring our famous mascot. 

Now, you can still find cool products on the road at Cindy and Wayne's bbq booths at fairs and festivals, or visit merchandise tents at Hogging Up Festivals, but this online store is a way to showcase our most popular and best selling items for you.

We've also happened across some old restock found in the warehouse we'll be listing in addition to making new designs.

Although we still dabble some products on Etsy, but have ceased sales on smaller venues.  We try to stay true to our roots, and work hard to keep the counterfeits off the marketplace.  

Wayne & Cindy