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Got Beef ? ® Official Store is a non gender, non discriminatory, non biased style.  Who does this brand belong to?  

Meet Wayne and Cindy....

wayne schafer

Meet Wayne Schafer of Big Fat Daddy's  

 Work-a-holic, BBQ Guy, Social Media Junkie and Self Made Success says... 

"If you work hard, and keep your mind straight, you can accomplish anything life has to offer. You've got to be a man-eater!  Don't give up when things get rough, and gobble up the competition---be tough and play rough.  Got beef?®

 Cindy Fahnestock Schafer

Meet Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer :  

Artsy-Fartsy, Dreamer, Vintage Lover Pink Hair Diva says...

 "Women can be just as strong as men. Be who you are and don't let anyone put you down. If someone has a beef with you, your style, or expects you to be someone your not, rise above it.  Who cares what they think? Be your own trend setter.  Whatever you do, don't do cookie-cutter."  


"Our products are  non-discriminatory and non-age or gender biased. We items that are comfortable and will last.  From gansta guy to barbecue guru, we want you to love it.   Our products are 100% designed by us, and screen printed by trusted providers in the USA.  Items are obtained from trusted manufacturers, who adhere to all CPSIA certifications.  We've dealt with the same two printing companies for almost two decades. 

(Our providers even passed quality standards set by Etsy, so you know we take care finding printers with ethical processes!)  Our family wears our own clothing, so they are built to last be comfortable. We strive to be hip and trendy, no matter how old or how young or old you are, our shirts are a movement .  You can see more about the evolution of a shirt here on our got beef? blog.

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