Lookbook Designs in Progress

January 19     3 Got Beef? Classic Men's Shirts 

 January 21     Baby Onesies

January 31   Smokehouse T-Shirts


Got Beef? Ladies throwback overlap retro diva style shirts.  Cindy picked the cotton vneck shirts, and we're working with the screen printer to do the best retro style overlap of two colors. We like pink and white on black. Wane choose a retro 70's distressed look.  We're miaking sure this print quality is top notch and forsee this shirt coming by June. 


got beef ladies throwback


Got Beef? Grill on Men's T-Shirts ....

Wayne and Cindy both agreed on the tshirt color,  and Cindy likes the throwback retro style look. Wayne is not 100% sure about the text slogan so the design is still working phase. If you like it, you can weet him and tell him it's fabulous here.

Grill on Got Beef Shirt design in progress


USA Series. Cindy wants shirts done in three color USA printing. Wayne does not like this style shirt, but the final product remains to be seen. 

Multi Color Got Beef USA Series