Wholesale Orders and Licensing

got beef t-shirts


Got Beef? Official Store would love retailers or boutiques to carry our official items  or obtain licensing and design their own! 

We offer several options for retailers: 

a) Bulk Pricing and Wholesale Discounts - for 100 plus items if you want to mix and match.  Discounts start 63 percent off but can range up to 75 percent based on quantities ordered. Contact us for ideas.  

b) Special Color Schemes w/Exclusivity -  Let's say your store wants to offer a color variant of our existing styles, pitch us the idea. We can work with you to achieve the closest possible color, give you exclusivity where we won't sell the color until two years after your run. Minimum piece count per color is 100 at 63 percent off MSRP, yet stores ordering over 250 items get up to 75 percent off MSRP ---we will have the items shipped direct to your store.  Or, you may purchase licensing below, which is generally more expensive.

c)Licensing on Products  - If you have a great idea for using got beef? slogan on housewares or clothing, and it's something we don't offer, you can pitch us ideas. From small scale koozies to large scale aprons in a major retailer, we are listening.  

It's very simple. Once your ideas are approved, you pay a licensing fee to use our slogan on your items.

The first year the fee is based on projected sales, exposure, and type of item.  Case in point, If you are a small indie seller using got beef on crocheted towels with a projected run of 100, your fee will be less than a national chain wanting to distribute our items  in five colors and styles with a projected run of 1000. 

A contract is written, and executed upon receipt of your signed contract and payment, and then you are off to design and distribute your product.

Facts about licensing: 

We make it affordable and easy for stores or patrons of all sizes to get licensing.

It's annually reviewed and per product idea. 

If you choose to add more items in the middle of your contract, simply contact us for approval and a simple contract re-do.  Sometimes no addition fees are necessary. We want you to expand and succeed!

If you are unsure what type of items you must obtain licensing for, look here at gotbeef.net 

If your products are not approved, we can explain what you would need to do to get them approved.



Email:  BigFatDaddys@verizon.net

Text:   410-908-9241

Phone: 717-793-2124