got beef? Dry Rub for Beef, Steak, Pit Beef 5oz Jar

$ 14.95

got beef? rubGot Beef? Gift Jar of Dry Rub. Versatile and gourmet dry rub seasoning salt made famous in Baltimore in the late 90's, this beef rub is great for steaks, brisket, beef, pork, fish,turkey, chicken, or veggies. This is our classic version, custom hand blended in small batches to retain freshness---shipped to you in a food grade glass jar. Prepared for you in our commercial kitchen which is inspected and Licensed by the PA State Department of Agriculture.  Gift jar contains approx. 5oz of spice, ship weight when packed up is 8oz with jar....

Directions:  A few pinchfuls should be placed on a plate, then you would literally rub this into the pores of your meat.  

Versatile: Can use for fish, poultry, pork, game, or veggies in addition to beef.

Due to the fact we do NOT use anti-caking agents in this Classic rub, so it has been known to clump over time, (primarily the salt or garlic salt.) Clumps can easily be smoothed out with a spoon, fork, or your fingers. To maximize your dry rub, you can even blend it in a food processor, removing clumps, or pulverize in juicer before dry marination. 

CONTAINS: Salts, Spices, Garlic, ALLERGY NOTE: Some of the seasoning salt used in this rub may contain MSG (monosodium glutamate) which is also found in "Accent" seasoning.

Over the years Big Fat Daddy's has been featured in the NY Times, Saveur Magazine, Rachael Ray's Grilling Issue on the Food Network and this rub talked about in Steven Raichlen's BBQ Books . Wayne still uses this dry rub on everything. The magic is in the rub which enhances the flavor of your food.  This is known for use on top rounds, bottom rounds, or beef flats such as "Baltimore's famous pit beef".

Rub it on 24 hours prior to cooking or grilling. You can even use it as seasoning for your soups or BBQ. Very versatile and a small portion will do ya just fine!


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