Got Beef? TShirt Pride San Fran Edition

$ 34.95

Nothing says be who you are like a rainbow of flavors. Be who you are and don't let anyone tell you that who you are is wrong. 

Comfy cotton, in fitted throwback version. Inspired by the artsy folks in San Francisco.

Shirt Details:  This style is 90 /10 organic cotton blend , greyish black with white stitching. Fitted arms make this look even sexier.  A different color for every letter, wear it with pride.

Fit: Fits comfy yet is to appear snug.

Made in USA:   Designed & Screen Printed in the USA, (although the garment may be from another country all design work is done here!)

Care Instructions:  With all t-shirts we suggest machine wash cold and hang dry or fluff for optimum life. Manufacturer's care instructions will be for the garment PRIOR to screenprinting.

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